Growing Your Brand: Seven Crucial Points to Remember When Outsourcing Marketing in Canada by Ian Hanomansing

Growing Your Brand: Seven Crucial Points to Remember When Outsourcing Marketing in Canada by Ian Hanomansing

Renowned Canadian journalist Ian Hanomansing has offered insightful advice on how businesses may outsource their marketing to increase their presence in the country. These are his seven pointers for companies using outsourced marketing to grow significantly and establish themselves in the Canadian market.

Use Local Knowledge

It’s critical to outsource marketing to companies with extensive local expertise. Canadian marketing companies are aware of the cultural sensitivity, customer behaviour, and geographical preferences that make up the local market. Companies may guarantee that their advertising appeal to Canadian audiences by working with a local marketing agency. These companies are qualified to create messaging that reflect local beliefs, which boosts brand loyalty and makes marketing campaigns more successful.

Reasonably priced fixes

Businesses wishing to grow in Canada may find that outsourcing marketing is a financially sensible option. When you factor in pay, benefits, and overhead, hiring and keeping an internal marketing staff may get pricey. Top-notch marketing services are available to companies at a much reduced price by outsourcing. This promotes general corporate expansion by enabling businesses to devote more resources to other vital areas like customer service and product development.

Availability of Cutting-Edge Technology

Many times, marketing organizations have access to cutting-edge equipment and technology that are costly for individual businesses to buy and keep up. Among these are platforms for digital advertising, CRM systems, and sophisticated statistics. Through outsourcing, businesses may take use of these technologies to make data-driven decisions, monitor campaign performance in real time, and obtain greater understanding of market developments. This technical advantage can make marketing plans far more effective and efficient.

Scalability and Agility

Scalability is one of outsourcing marketing major benefits. Companies change in their marketing requirements as they expand. Easily adjustable to the needs of the business, outsourced marketing companies can expand or contract their services. This adaptability spares companies the trouble of having to restructure their internal staff in order to react swiftly to changes in the market. Whether introducing a new product, breaking into a new market niche, or reacting to a competitor’s action, outsourced marketing companies can offer the help required to quickly adjust to these developments.

Emphasize Fundamental Skills

Companies can concentrate on their primary skills when they outsource marketing. Businesses can focus on their strongest suit—product innovation, customer service, or operations—by outsourcing marketing chores to outside specialists. Better general performance and a competitive edge can result from this concentration. Companies may be guaranteed that their marketing efforts are excellent while allocating their internal resources to other key projects when marketing is managed by experts in the field.

Increased Innovation & Creativity

Creative and ground-breaking concepts are abundant at marketing agencies. These agencies can provide new ideas and special solutions to marketing problems because of their varied teams with experience in several areas and industries. The development of engaging ads that draw in Canadian customers can benefit especially from this inventiveness. Companies can set themselves out in a competitive market and establish a powerful brand presence by using the creative skills of outsourced marketing agencies.

Measured Outcomes and Responsibility

Those that outsource their marketing are very responsible and results-driven. They establish precise goals, monitor performance indicators, and offer in-depth reports on the results of the campaigns. This accountability guarantees businesses that their marketing expenditures provide quantifiable outcomes. Working with outsourced partners enables companies to monitor the success of their marketing plans on a regular basis and make the required changes to maximize results. Better ROI and steady expansion are made possible with this data-driven strategy.


The seven pointers offered by Ian Hanomansing on using outsourced marketing emphasize the strategic benefits that might assist businesses in growing in Canada. Businesses can spur expansion and establish a substantial market presence by working with regional specialists, having access to cutting edge technology, and concentrating on their core capabilities. Scalability and cost-effective solutions are simply two benefits of outsourcing marketing; another is increased creativity and responsibility. These observations can be a useful manual for businesses trying to expand in the cutthroat Canadian market to maximize their marketing efforts and succeed over the long run.

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